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Keep Spreading the News

Today, we live in the information age where we rely on networking in the media and through our events. This helps us share our organization’s background, successes and mission among our supporters and communities. For more information on upcoming events or past press releases, please read below. And as always, thank you for sharing our story with your network of friends, family and colleagues.





Support 1736 Family Crisis Center by buying a ZenJewelz Bracelet


Taylor Armstrong of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills created a bracelet with ZenJewelz by ZenJen to help empower women to speak out against domestic violence.  A portion of the proceeds of this bracelet will go towards funding 1736 Family Crisis Center.  This bracelet can be purchased at, click on Celebrities and scroll down to Taylor's bracelet.  Thank you for your support.


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Watch 1736 Family Crisis Center's Sr. Director Tobi Quintiliani talk about Domestic Violence on Entertainment Tonight

Keeping the media and community informed on our happenings is a top priority. We value those relationships in helping us spread our news through the media or as “word of mouth.” For news and detailed recaps of our events, just click on a topic link down below. Thanks again for spreading the news!